Friday, May 4, 2012

D.I.Y. Bleached Jean Shorts

Here is a brief Do It Yourself project for bleaching a cute pair of summertime shorts for you to enjoy! Today I will show you how to do the bleaching. The studs will come another day, since I did not take pictures of the process this time.

Firstly, set the shorts to soak in a bucket of bleach. Add enough bleach to cover the lower three to four inches or so of the shorts. As the bleach soaks into the jeans, it will rise up on the material, so they do not need to be submerged to the middle of the shorts.

Move the shorts around so that all of the lower inches that are submerged get equal amounts of coverage. They should sit in the bleach for about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on how dark the original color of the denim was.

Take them out and let them sit in the tub or the sink to drip the excess bleach. They may look all different colors at this point, maybe even seeming brownish, yellowish, or greenish, especially where the top of the bleach is, but that will all even out once they are washed on dried. 

After they drip dry for about ten minutes, wring them out with gloves on, then put them in the drier for ten minutes. Then wash them in the washing machine with normal detergent, and finally dry them all the way in the drier. Voila! You have beautiful early 90s style jean shorts!

Thanks for watching this D.I.Y!!



  1. Love this! I will definitely be trying it! Thanks Jessica!

  2. How did you get them to be so white? Mine turned out a yellow-ish color :/


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